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the animal alphabet

I've always wanted to illustrate an animal alphabet and here are the results, from alligators to bees, and cats to highland cows. They are available as limited edition prints, approximately 210mm x 297mm, on 310gsm, cotton rag paper.

frog sitting on a lily leaf with the letter F, fox flamingo, ferret, fish and fly all around
The letter G has a gorilla sitting on it, he's with his friends the goldfish, giraffe, geese, guinea pig, gerbils gecko and goats
And elephant and her calf, with the letter E an eel, eagret, emperor butterfly, ermine, elk, eagle and emu
B is for bear, and little bear, beaver, badger, butterflies, birds, bats and bees
J is for jaguar, jack rabbit, John Dory, jellyfish and jack russell
A is for alligator, ant, aye aye, angelfish, axolotyl, antelope, avocet and anteater
C is for Cat, and chameleon, cheetah and chicken, chipmunk, canary, crow, cow and chicks and crab
L is for lion, ladybird, lemur and llama and lizard sitting by a lily pond
I is for iguana, and Irish setter, Ibex and insects iris and ivy
H is for hedgehog, horse human, hippo, halibut, hamster, hens, hare, hummingbird heron and hornet
M is for monkey, macaw, miner bird, mongoose, mexican boa, mouse, monarch butterfly, meerkat madagascan squirrel
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