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These were publicity prints and a version for Christmas, inspired by a trip to the West of England falconry where they look after a very noisy snowy owl. Available as a limited edition print.


This project followed on from a larger project which involved painting an owl for the Owls of Bath, an interactive public art trail for Bath. The owl was sponsored by local businesses and later auctioned off as a charity fundraiser. The owl I painted, called Mowlberry beak is now on permanent display at the Mulberry Hub in Combe Down, Bath.

A parliament of owls in the summertime enjoying life in the tree, the snowy owl is hooting
A parliament of owls enjoying the winter snow, the little snowy owl is hooting

I started off with a design for the owl which was based on the history of Bath, this got slightly adapted as the project developed and I then focused on the history of Combe Down as well as Bath. Below are the preliminary sketches finishing up with the actual painted owl and where he lives now.

owl facing the front with depictions of thehostory of the city of Bath
back of owls head depicting scenes from the city of Bath
me painting owl.jpg
Owl in studio1.jpg
owls at the crescent
Mowlberry in situ3.jpg
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